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Flute Sale
Sole agent for the Altus, Azumi and Evida flute in Singapore, The Flute Studio welcome any order or enquiry for any specific model.
New Azumi flute
A statement by the world renowned soloist, William Bennett

"I love my Altus flute. It has a rich and vibrant sound, which not only gives a singing, well projected sound in a hall but also records very well.

The tubes of the Altus are made with the same process as the tubes of Louis Lot a century ago. This process causes the silver to have greater density than the silver in modern cold drawn tubes used by the other makers. This extra density gives the tone of the flute resonance and depth.

The tone comes from both the tubes itself and from the cutting of the mouth hole. The mouth hole of the Altus has been specially designed to give fullness and sweetness to the higher register in addition to having the clarity and quick speech in the middle and low registers. The intonation is about correct hole placement and this affects tone, for if you need to raise or lower the pitch of a note, you change the flute's tone quality. It is possible to play in tune on many instruments by dint of many adjustments with the lips, but the greatest quality of tone is obtained from the best tuned instrument.

I recommend the Altus flute because I prefer the tone and intonation of this instrument to any other modern instrument.

Bennett in Concert
Altus flute
Fast becoming the most popular flute among the students all over the world, Altus flute is endorsed and promoted by many renowned flutists.
For all model selection, design details or any information about the Altus flute, please visit altusflute.com.
Azumi flute
Designed and supervised by the world renowned Altus Company from Japan, Azumi flute is no doubt the top choice for the student models. Currently, it has these 4 models:
Model FL : Nickel-silver with silver plating
Model AZ1000 : Nickel-silver with Altus Headjoint (807H)
Model AZ2000 : Nickel-silver with Altus 958 Headjoint (907H)
Model AZ3000 : Solid silver 958 tube with Altus 958 Headjoint (907H)
For more details on the Azumi flute, please visit Azumiflute.com.
Evida flute
Designed in Cleveland, USA and made in Dalian, China. Evida flute ends our long search for a good budget flute. Certainly the best we have ever tested. It comes with these choices:
Model XY : Nickel-silver with silver plating
Model FC-10 : Japanese cupric-nickel tube, silver plated
Model FC-12 : Japanese cupric-nickel tube, solid silver lip plate & riser
Model FC-20 : Japanese cupric-nickel tube, solid silver headjoint
Model FC-30 : Solid silver tube
For a copy of our most competitive price list, please e-mail us at info@flute.com.sg, or phone us at (65) 9877 4035

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